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Tragedy !
When you dont have d Holy Spirit it is a tragedy, cos secrets re/ can not be unveiled, people remain in the dark without vision or direction ; may u never be left In the dark concerning event  about your life, family n church in Jesus Name.

You can not afford not to have the Holy Spirit , in this times that we are in, You will just keep acting on emotions, or pulse. For the heart of men are desperately wicked, for who can know it? except the holy spirit, & then d holy spirit revealing it to His own. For this perpetrators of evil ( these demonic agent ) are all around you. But they maintain d highest level of pretense. it takes only the help of the Holy Spirit to reveal such a one.
The bible says in  Hosea 4:6a My peeps re destroyed  For lack of knowledge.

you shall not be a victim of your foes in Jesus Name, Amen!