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Jesus’s birth crucifixion, death and resurrection predicted, according to Isaiah 7:14, prophet Isaiah prophesied and then luke 1:26-37, matt 1:18-25 and then John the baptist, matt 3:11.

And then seeing it manifest. John 3:16-17, Matt 1:23.

The plot to kill Jesus, the betrayal, the crucifixion, His death & resurrection : Matt 16:21-22,;17:22-23, ; 29;17-19, ;26, ;27,; 28.

And then He was crucified, He died & then He resurrected.

And then HIis 2nd coming also been predicted.

If all this had been predicted and has been fulfilled, know for a fact that his 2nd coming stand sure, for it shall come to pass. Matt 24:29-31, habakkuk 2:3.

Are you anticipating His 2nd coming? Have you given it a second thought? do you look forward to it?

For all those who anticipate His 2nd coming, according to 1 corinthians 10:12. wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

And for those who are contemplating His 2nd coming / not sure, He is coming back indeed. Here is what you should do.

what must i do to be saved? act 16;31, Romans 5:8-9, ;10;9-10,13, Mark16:16, John 3:16-118, Act 2:21, ;4:12.