An Intercessor

Called to be an intercessor; an intercessor literally means to stand in the gap for someone or something, we must stand in the place of prayers for our family, our nation and every other thing that is connected to or with us.

when you have been called to interceed or called an intercessor by God, you are a priest unto God. it is then madatory that you rise up and take your place in the place of prayer, whether it is on behalf of oneself, your love ones, relations, society, church, nation and the likes.

intercession makes it possible for an individual to access God’s mind., it brings about revelations, its reveals future event/ happenings,

There are variuos biblical examples of those who interceeded for their people, nation……., for example, moses, samuel, david, jeremiah, deborah, esther………

Why does He want us to know: so that we can partner with him, pray to avert it, or pray it to come to pass, or prat to reduce it effect.

God is always looking for poeple He will reveal things to before they take place, so as to pray it to pass or pray to prevent it, or to reduce it negative effect.

so God is calling on you today, will you make yourself available for Him, to be used by him, to be His voice here on earth?

make use of this opprtunity, its benefit far outweighs your wildest imaginations, it is a great priviledge!




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